“One Minute” Technique is All You Need to Effectively Lead People

A manager style only a few people know and do

Victoria Kurichenko


Look at how fast the world has been changing. Top-down companies used to work at a certain time when workers were rather engaged in physical activity.

However, these days the vertical hierarchy is no longer enough. It does not inspire employees; neither it drives innovations. Clients demand better, faster, and more customized solutions. Leaders no longer make the decisions alone. Companies more and more rely on agile methodologies and the power of collective ideas.

“Since speed is a currency of success now, leading with collaboration is far more effective than the old command-and-control system. Helping people feel good about themselves is a key to productivity.”

— Spenser Johnson and Ken Blanchard

Thought leaders and authors Spenser Johnson and Ken Blanchard have been practicing the leadership approach that aims to achieve significant results in very little time. They call it — “One Minute Manager”.

The book of the same name unlocks three management techniques that take as little as a minute but aimed at helping managers to increase their team’s performance, task ownership, and motivation.

These are three leadership techniques that only a few managers know and do.

1. One Minute Goal

That’s the first of the three secrets to a successful One Minute Management.

With most of the organizations I worked at, I often did not know the expectations I was supposed to meet. If you asked me, “Are you doing a good job?”. I would have probably answered — “I do not know.”

These days effective leadership is more about close collaboration rather than a top-down approach.

As more than 85% of people are unhappy with their current jobs, the “One Minute Goal” approach is the first level to set up clear and achievable goals that are supposed to help employees deliver the expected outcomes.



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