The True Essence of Marketing Explained In One Word

It shows what marketers do daily to create offers people can't resist.

Victoria Kurichenko
4 min readApr 9, 2021


The True Sense of Marketing Explained In One Word
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“Copy-wise, the new service page is insightful. Good job!

Our potential clients will be impressed how well we describe our partner collaboration and how much value we promise to deliver.

However, I was wondering if you can make the copy friendlier, less formal, and more conversational to urge people to fill out the contact form.”

That’s the typical request I hear from product teams whenever I work on the new landing page content.

I often have to tweak the copy and pick the rights words to make the reality look better than it really is.

Savvy marketers use the power of words to create offers people can’t resist. It’s not easy, though! Copywriting is pure art, and it requires tons of iterations to make words resonate. Here is why:

When you first visit any website, you will most likely not do or buy anything yet. However, the more you read, the deeper the words dive into your conscious and trigger empathy. It is almost like an invisible salesman stands next to you, whispering the sales pitch. If the copy resonates with you— you’ll return to the same place to learn more. It’s just a matter of time.

Copywriting gurus claim the selling page’s task is to agitate peoples’ pains and convince them they need a solution immediately. It is the reason why landing page content is intentionally designed to be emotional.

As a marketer, I understand the value and the power of copywriting. However, I often feel uncomfortable adjusting a copy with the ultimate goal — to sell more. Well, that’s the point of any landing page, you might say, and yes, you are right! However, many businesses often sell the “wrapper,” not the “candy.”

You can only sell the description of things in the digital world, and the more appealing it is, the higher your sales might be.

After years of working on various projects, I can reveal the ultimate goal of what many marketers produce daily in one word. I can say how marketers transform the digital space by seeding tons of content daily. I can explain the true…



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